Wizkid Declares Olamide’s ‘Wo’ As 2017 Biggest Song

Baba nla himself is such a big fan of ‘Wo’. Just yesterday, he was trying to clarify some of the lyrics in the song.

This, coming from an artist who just made history, being the first Nigerian to sell out the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Even when a fan countered that Small Doctor’s ‘Penalty’ is bigger, Wizkid wouldn’t have it, he stuck with ‘Wo’.

It’s quite interesting, considering Olamide is quite close to ‘Davido’, in fact, Davido recently mocked Wizkid in one of Olamide’s song ‘Summer Body’ where he said

“Olamide is my friend, with Yankee passport them say we local, you better catch up, I go see you letter.

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