Who Is The Father Of Linda Ikeji’s Child

Almost a year ago, media mogul and popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji revealed the kind of man she wanted to marry.

The 37- year-old Linda said she had only 3 things she was looking for – a man who was successful, one who supports her to achieve her dreams and one who really likes sex.

After her younger sister, Laura Ikeji broke the news that Linda Ikeji was engaged, it seemed the search was over – the right man had taken his shot.

If you match her realities with her expectations, you will realize that this might be true.

First of all her Linda Ikeji Media is set to launch a wide range of content – reality TV shows, series and other programs from June 1 – this means he is supportive of her dreams.

Then there is the fact that she is pregnant, pointing to the fact that they must spend a lot of time in ‘za oza room’, and  he must be successful, as Linda had made it clear in the past that she won’t settle for anyone not self-sufficient, plus she plans to buy a Bentley Mulsanne car worth 15 Million Naira for both herself and the baby.

The only thing is his real identity is still unknown, hopefully we will find that out soon enough.

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