The True Origin And Meaning Of Amebo

Avwebọ (or Amebo) is an Urhobo word meaning favourite wife in a polygamous home

The favourite wife is usually the apple of her husband’s eye, and she was expected to inform him about everything going on in the household. She had the ears of her husband and would usually report everything that happened in the compound, including what her co-wives and her children did. The ‘avwebo’ also usually told people the negative things she heard about them, in her efforts to be in their good books.

The Urhobo people usually refer to people who talk about everything that happens as ‘avwebo’

As a result of this, other Nigerians started using the word too when referring to a notorious gossip.

‘The village headmaster‘ which aired on NTA, also made the word ‘amebo’ really popular

In the series,  amebo referred to the character played by Veteran Actress Mrs Ibidun Allison, who in her effort to please everyone in the Community became a gossip.

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