The Strangest Health Trends of 2018

The internet is a wonderful tool, good for loads of amazing things. Its utility goes beyond streaming videos, updating Facebook, and online football betting with Betway, though – it is also a great tool to acquire fresh information about the latest health and fitness trends around the world. Be careful, though – not all of them are created equal. Some of them are ineffective, others are unhealthy – and there are quite a few that are simply strange, like the ones below.

Mushroom drinks

Anyone can enjoy a nice bowl of mushroom soup – mushrooms are delicious, healthy, and filled with proteins. Traditionally, though, they show up on the menu as a savoury dish and not as part of an (often sweetened) hot drink. Until now, that is. Health food stores around the world have started offering their customers a variety of beverages based on mushrooms – teas, coffees, even chocolate milk. The mushroom chosen by most as an ingredient for tea are Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps, all of them coming from the traditional Oriental medicine, and believed to have miraculous health effects. And why tea, coffee, and milk, you might ask? Well, apparently if you drink them, you get a more concentrated dose, and it’s also easier to consume. And when it comes to taste… well, I think most of us will prefer our mushrooms in a soup, right?


This year, we’ve seen a new trend being born: cannabis has become legal in several countries, including Canada. This has sparked a lot of interest in CBD, the alkaloid in cannabis that’s completely legal (it’s not psychoactive) that is now used in a vast range of products. The most common form of consuming CBD is through edibles but it shows up in various drinks, vapes, and creams, too, though to be effective as a relaxant, pain relief, and as a sleep aid.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is not produced from the fruit of the coconut palm but from the sap of its flower bud – and it is seen by many as a much healthier and nutritious alternative to cane and beet sugar. Which it is not, of course. Aside from the fact that it has a slight caramel taste, it is just as bad for you as traditional sugar if you eat too much of it. This doesn’t stop health shops from promoting it as the next big healthy sweetener across the world.


Would you buy a pitch black ice cream? How about a black cookie or a bit of black whipped cream on your coffee? Activated charcoal is a great aid in the case of accidental poisoning – it absorbs toxins from the stomach – but it’s not as healthy when consumed on a regular basis. In fact, it can absorb vital nutrients from the food you eat, leaving your body without them. Ultimately, it can do more harm than good.

Alkaline diet

Last but not least, let us mention a trend that, once again, can do a lot of harm: the alkaline diet. This is yet another diet that cuts entire food groups – acidic foods – out of your menu, leaving you without many essential nutrients. While it does not allow alcohol (which is a good thing), it also makes you give up eggs, many traditional types of meat, and healthy nuts. Instead of choosing a highly restrictive diet, it’s always wiser to eat a variety of unprocessed foods and having a balanced and nutritious diet as a whole.
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