How To Prepare Nigerian Coconut Rice

Nigerian Coconut Rice is another tasty Nigerian Rice recipe,a good alternative to Jollof Rice.It is made with a combination of coconut milk extract and spices.

Ingredients for Nigerian Coconut Rice
 *500g Parboiled Rice
*150ml Tomato Stew
*100ml Coconut Milk
*100 ml Chicken/ Beef stock or plain water
*1 medium sized Onion bulb
*Ground Crayfish(optional)
*2 Stock cubes/stock powder/ Seasoning  of choice
*Pepper (to taste)
*Salt (to taste)

Preparations Before cooking the Nigerian Coconut Rice
A. If you don’t have the canned coconut milk.
Coconut oil can also be used in the absence of coconut milk.
B. Cook  the chicken/beef, grill/fry and set aside;reserve the stock(liquid from cooking the meat)
C. If you don’t have tomato stew,
D. Now wash and Parboil the white rice and leave to drain in a colander /sieve.
E. Grind the crayfish(if using) and set aside

Now to Cook the Coconut Rice

1. In a large pot, pour in the tomato stew, meat stock and the extracted coconut milk. Leave to boil for 5 minutes.

2. Pour the parboiled rice into the pot, add the chopped onions, ground crayfish, stock cubes, pepper and salt to taste. Make sure that the liquid in the pot is at the same level as the rice in the pot, if not, add some more to top it up.

3. Now cover and leave the rice to cook on medium heat until the liquid in the pot is dried up.
  Tip: High heat will make the rice burn before it is cooked, while low heat will make the rice soggy and will also burn at the bottom.

4. The rice is properly done when it is tender and there is no more liquid in the pot.
Serve and enjoy.

Note: Coconut rice sometimes turn out a bit sticky because of the cream in the coconut milk, so don’t worry your pretty head about that.
A simple remedy is to scoop out a little of the coconut cream, before using it in the recipe..
Nigerian Coconut Rice is usually served with Salad, Moi Moior Fried Plantains (dodo).

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