Popular Yaba Market Demolished By Lagos State Government

The popular Yaba market has been demolished by alleged agents of the Lagos state government leaving many traders counting their loss.

The demolished Yaba market in Lagos state
A Nigerian writer, Nma Kingsley has shared photos showing the demolished Yaba market. Narrating the anguish of the traders, Kingsley said that some of the traders were not given the help they needed to secure a spot at the newly built Tedoshoh complex.
He wrote: “Oh Yaba Market! See how they treat thy people  they built Tedoshoh complex that boys could not afford without any support, no very very long term loan/none that I know of self, yet boys kept it real on the street managing their struggles, even with the plenty LG levies, land charges, omoliles, owo chairman, etc. 
Now that little space left, they came for it too, without offering alternatives, settlement, or rendering any form of support, this Yaba sir, has clothed many UNILAG students and the masses, we are not happy sir, at least provide this people with alternative and when you finish building make it affordable.”
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