Nollywood Actress Juliet Okeke Shares Photo Of Her Brother Who Survived Tragic Ghana Gas Explosion

Nollywood actress, Juliet Okeke,  shareed a collage of his brother,Uchenna Godwin,who survived the explosion at a gas station in Ghana and is recuperating in the hospital.

In case you missed it, a tanker explosion at a gas station reportedly killed 7 people leaving 35 others injured in explosions at Atomic Junction, near Legon, Accra, Ghana on Saturday night.

Now, Juliet has taken to social media to thank God, writing;

“Where and how do I start from, I read about the Ghana gas station explosion online and aljazeera not knowing that my younger brother (expensive) Uchenna Godwin was battling his life in it…. Lord it’s with tears of Joy that I say thank you my Brother is a Survivor

How can I thank God enough for my younger brothers life while I read the news online I didn’t know He was battling his life in the Accra Ghana gas explosion

Only when you wear the shoe then alone will you know how it feels for a loved one to be in pain… Saw a lot of news about the gas explosion in Ghana yesterday,went on to aljazeera news and am like thank God… Only to be called this evening from Accra military hospital that my younger brother battled his life in the outbreak…

My heart fell straight into my stomach… With tears of Joy am grateful to God Almighty.. Expensive Uchenna Godwin you are a covenant Child”

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