Nigerians Celebrate SEGALINK As Efforts On #EndSARS Pays Off

It was not expected by the youths and Nigerians at large when earlier in the day, the Acting President of the country effected the overhauling of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) after cries have been made on the actions of the said squad especially by the youths with the hashtag #ENDSARS being widely supported all over the Nigerian media space.

However, it is unarguable that Barrister Sega vividly and ardently pushed for scrapping of the Squad. He is noted to have taken up legal actions against the SARS and even physically fought the special police unit. Through him, the youths got a sense of motivation and more attention was shed on the movement.

Alas! The efforts paid off owing to the action by the Acting President of the nation earlier today.

He tweeted recognizing efforts of the SENATE president, Dr. BUKOLA Saraki for starting the campaign.

See below for pictures of praises and encumbrances on the Icon.

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