How To Make Kuli Kuli

In the early 90s  hardly would you find a young boy or girl returning home from school without some quantities of the snack as it can be enjoyed with Garri soaked in chilled water particularly during the hot afternoon.

Rarely seen to be consume by emerging young children for a reason best known to them or their parents, kuli kuli remains a snack to eat any day, any time. In this short post, I will be sharing with you step by step method on the making Kuli kuli, a popular Nigerian snacks.


Below are the essential kulikuli ingredients. With this recipe, you can make your Kulikuli at home.

Kitchen Utensils and Appliances Needed 


Kuli-Kuli is ready and can be served with any kind of flakes. Usually it is enjoyed with cassava flakes (Garri) soaked in cold water.

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