How To Make Ekuru (White Moi Moi)

Ekuru is a meal native to the yorubas in Nigeria.Ekuru has a sour taste and is usually served with obe ata dindin, mashed with eko  or vegetable.

Ekuru looks exactly like Moin Moin, but rather than blend the peppers, onion, crayfish etc with the beans, the beans are blended on its own, while the rest of ingredients are made into a sauce and eaten with it.


2 cups of beans

1.5 cup of water

Banana Leaves / Foil


Wash and soak beans overnight.

Wash until all the skin has come off and blend the beans with just water.

With a wooden spoon or hand mixer, fluff the beans to incorporate air into it.

If using banana leaves, make a cone out of it or whatever shape you want it to come out as, empty the content and wrap. If using a foil, make a cone as well or a pocket wrap and scoop in the content and wrap.

Line your pot with sticks and pour some water in and bring to boil.

In the pot of boiling water that has been lined with sticks to elevate the ekuru, place the ekuru in gently.

Allow to steam on low heat. If you have a steamer, it would also be a good option.

Steam till its solid and unwrap your ekuru and set aside to serve with the sauce.

Ata Din Din

1 large tomatoes

1 red bell pepper

1 scotch bonnet pepper

1 cup of chopped shrimp

1 cooking spoon of oil




1. Blend the tomatoes and pepper and boil till the water dries up

2. Add the oil, shrimp, seasoning and salt and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes on low heat

3. Serve with Ekuru

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