How Saraki Escaped Nigeria’s Security Operatives In Abuja

As 2019 inches closer, Nigeria’s political landscape appears to have altered in colour and context.

The broom symbol of the APC has been replaced by the umbrella as the majority in Nigeria’s upper legislative chamber.

Lawmakers elected on the platform of the APC in 2015 are returning to the PDP after complaints of marginalisation and ineffective rule.

There was lots of drama on Tuesday, July 24.

It all began when news broke about the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu being held at their Abuja homes by officials of the DSS.

Saraki’s account of how he escaped from his captors credited divine intervention for his safe arrival at the red-seat chamber.

Reacting to a motion on the siege on his home and that of his deputy, Saraki said plenary would not have held if not for his preparation.

“The road leading to my place was cordoned off and all cars coming in and out as early as 6:30 were being stopped and you have to come down.

“My convoy was stopped from moving. Given something that one was prepared for, I had my own car too. So the deputy senate president called me and said he could not come here.

“And as you are all aware, very late yesterday, at about 8 p.m., I received a letter asking me to report to the police on a case of this Offa robbery which had been concluded before now.

“That’s the situation why the DSP could not come here and I was already going somewhere else. If not, this plenary would not have been able to hold today. So I had to come here.”

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