Hazard joined Real Madrid Overweight – Wenger

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger feels Eden Hazard is struggling at Real Madrid becasue he joined being overweight.

“I feel we have not seen the Hazard we’ve known in England yet,” Wenger said.

“He was not physically fit after he was injured.

“Is he a little bit… he’s not a player usually impressed by anything, but he looked to me like he does not have the same confidence he had at Chelsea.”

Wenger dismissed the idea that Hazard is struggling to cope as a result of the pressure, saying: “He’s not the type of guy to be like that.

“I don’t know him well enough to assess that.

“But I think it was more down to physical reasons.

“He came too heavy, like we read in the papers.

“If you want to make a horse lose a race, putting two kilos on a horse of 500 kilos is enough.

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