FG Reacts To “Sgt. David Bako’s” E-Mail On Dapchi Abduction, Calls It Fake

The Federal Government on Sunday described as fake a viral news of a certain Nigerian Christian soldier, Sergeant David Bako from the Middle Belt, Plateau State who revealed how the Dapchi schoolgirls kidnap drama was plotted and executed.

In an email sent to a Paris based news outlet, the said Sergeant David Bako said the plot was planned and rehearsed for two weeks by Buhari’s loyalists in the army of which he was one. He said the desperation by Buhari to rule Nigeria for another four years drove him on to employ all means to make sure he remains in power.

However addressing newsmen in Lagos, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who described the news as disinformation and fake news said there is no soldier bearing the name ‘David Bako’ in the Nigerian Army and that the intention of those behind the fake news is to cause disaffection between Christian and Muslims.

While urging Nigerians especially the media to be wary of fake news being bandied about, the minister who said many naysayers who are desperate to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari are behind the fake news added that the administration’s prompt response in securing the release of the girls is causing naysayers a lot of heartaches.

“Let me use this opportunity to react to the fake news making the rounds concerning a supposed Sergeant in the Nigerian Army, named David Bako, who said he was part of an alleged conspiracy by the Government to abduct the Dapchi girls.

“This is a classic example of what I have just said: Disinformation and fake news! I can tell you categorically that this David Bako is fake. There is no such soldier in the Nigerian Army. There was no conspiracy anywhere. The intention of those behind the disinformation and fake news is to cause disaffection between Christians and Muslims, and between Southerners and Northerners”.

“This Administration’s success in seeking an early release of the Dapchi girls has ruffled many feathers. It has upturned a lot of plans by naysayers. They have not been able to sleep since the girls came back”.

“Their campaign to unseat President Buhari is fuelling their desperation. Nigerians should prepare to see more avalanche of disinformation and fake news. But they should not lend any credibility to such reports. They belong to the trash can!

Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos

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  1. What sgt David Bako is saying about Fed having hand in the Dapchi Abduction may be true. Let put religious sentiment aside. Since the Dapchi girls were Released, what about the only christian girl still in captive of the Boko Haram? The Fed Govt is silence about her case…… The accusation may be true. Oga Lai Mohd, tell Nigerians and especially the truth about the situation on ground…. Thanks

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