How To Draw A Perfect Eyebrows (Video)

The things we do as women to look beautiful are never ending. There are so many elements that we need to consider! One of those areas of our body that we can’t let slip is the eyebrows.

If it’s the first time or you’re fed up of spending a fortune getting someone else doing it, you’ll need to know how to shape your eyebrows just right. It won’t take you months to master. With these six easy steps, you’ll be on your way to perfectly shaped eyebrows by the end of the day!

Six Easy Steps To Perfectly Drawn Eyebrows

1. Brush out your well-shaped eyebrows with an eyebrow brush/ spoolie,
2. Draw two slanted parallel lines. First line,just below the lower brow and the second, a little above the upper brow. Then fill in the brows with the eyebrow pencil,
3. Join both lines, form an arch and begin to draw down a line which should not be too long (Please refer to the pictorial as a guide),
4. Blend out the eye pencil color by using the eyebrow brush/spoolie to brush the brow,
5. Using a well angled eyeliner brush, highlight the brows with an highlighting powder/eyeshadow,
6. Voila! there goes your perfectly drawn eyebrows.

Video Souece : Missglam.

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