Why You Should Date a Girl from Ukraine: Our Thoughts

Ukrainian women are well-known worldwide. Only a blind and a deaf man may not have heard of the whole phenomenon of Ukrainian girls. They manage to top the lists of the world’s most attractive women according to the common knowledge until nowadays. Such conclusions are made for specific and evident reasons. Beauty, wisdom and family-orientation…are just a few of the main qualities that hide behind an ingenuous smile.

Of course, you may say that enjoying a girl visually and dating her are two different things. Then you would definitely be right, as there are also pros and cons of dating a Ukrainian girl.

Today we will be as honest as possible having collected several real advantages of dating these fashion models.

1. Enjoy and make boast of her

If you make a Ukrainian woman fall in love with you, my congratulations. Of course, the process of hearts and flowers and having a corner in her heart may take forever, but isn’t it worth it? Eventually, you usually get a super attractive girl with whom dating would turn into a true pleasure. Let go all the cons and have the time of your life with her. By the way, can you imagine how many men would envy you? Start dating a Ukrainian woman and you will know.

2. You will find your socks at her apartment

Ukrainian women keep everything in their houses or heads in order. They can be easily called self-disciplined and organized. Dating a Ukrainian girl, you will never be forgotten about. If she promised to call in a certain time, she will. Even during an important lecture or a business meeting. Unfortunately, some of the Ukrainian ladies may demand keeping such a skill from you. However, most of them are so disciplined that you can go on being a work-oriented or even a careless guy. She will easily think for the two of you.

3. A bird in a cage

According to the current political situation in Ukraine, some women here are trapped in faraway not favorable conditions. We all have a stereotype that Ukrainians love their nation so much, that they would never leave their country, their beloved land whatever happens. However, what we may observe is the desire of clever and independent women to develop them. That is impossible in a typical agrarian country like this. Such events in Ukraine are disadvantageous for Ukrainians, but sound optimistically for foreigners. Most of Ukrainian females would rather rush to your nest, than staying in their own nowadays. All of us know that long distance relationship can hardly be normal.

4. You will try borsch, varenyky and other tasty stuff

What is more, you will have these homemade dishes served like at an ordinary Kyiv’s restaurant totally for free. Let us be honest. You would love the food, however the time will be needed to get used to it. The majority of the Earth’s population has never tried traditional Ukrainian food in their lives. No wonder you can be one of them. Here you have some advice. Always make compliments about the food even if you do not like your date’s cookery. Otherwise, you home chef will be substituted by warm-up-the-junk-food girl.

5. Motivation and appreciation

You will get both as soon as your relationships get serious. Ukrainian women are reliable partners that do not waste their time. If she picked you to be her boyfriend, if she agreed to have relationships with you, be sure to be her closest person (after mother, of course). They have a kind of a radar that defines at once, whether you can be her husband or not. If your name switches green in that category, you will be praised, loved, motivated and cared for. Although heart-to-heart conversations sound in a non-masculine way, I am sure you will enjoy having them with perfect advisors Ukrainian females. 

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