Bobrisky Arrested In Lagos, To Be Transferred To Abuja

Nigeria male barbie, and transvestite, Bobrisky, was today arrested in Lekki, Lagos, and is currently being remanded in prison.

Bobrisky arrested

According to reports from ib0ja, his arrest may not be unconnected to the lingering fight between him and serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani.

Bobrisky had recently slandered Toyin via his Snapchat, after she called him a riff-raff during an interview.

The real reason for this arrest is yet to be ascertained, but insiders reveal that Bobrisky will likely be transferred to Abuja, tomorrow morning.

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  1. Bobrisky shld be prosecuted for admitting that he is a gay bcos it’s illegal in this part of the world this is Nigeria not America

    1. U are just an idiotic homophobe.. . If I may ask, did you catch him in the act? ? This ur so called country is a zoo indeed. #rubbish.

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