Anambra Youths Fault State Leadership For Neglecting Onitsha Roads

As the Anambra State Governorship election draws near, youths of Nteje faulted the ruling Governor, Willie Obiano for failing to construct Onitsha roads – the roads leading to and arouund the commercial city of the state.

In their outcry for just leadership in the state, the youths recounted how Mr. Obiano promised to rehabilitate the road which connects the Enugu-Onitsha highway, as well as the bridge at Umunya-Nteje. They lamented that their individual efforts were the reason motorists are able to commute to Onitsha via the locally constructed bridge.

Sharing images of the deplorable roads on social media, a spokesperson for the group writes:

“This is the bridge at Umunya-Nteje road which just something above N200 million Naira is all that is needed to reconstruct this bridge and complete that road which is the sole aim of governance.

“It would be recalled that the youths of Nteje after waiting for the fulfillment of Gov Obiano’s 2013 governorship campaign promise of completing that road within six months of assuming office; had to embark on self-help in 2016 by pulling resources together to buy plywoods and chains which they used to temporarily fix the desolate bridge on that road.

“The Nteje youths “fixing” of that bridge paid-off because all vehicles with the exception of Heavy-Duty trucks hitherto swimming in the mud between Umunya-Awkuzu portions of the Enugu-Onitsha Federal Highway all diverted and started using the makeshift bridge where every vehicle was made to drop the sum of N50 – N100 as toll fee by the youths.

“The government of Anambra State had in 2016 while refuting the fact that it shares the toll fee collected by the youths at an agreed percentage; promised to reconstruct and finish up that road once the rains stop.

“As I type, nothing has neither been done on that bridge which the youths are back again to man and collect toll fee from motorists nor the road which have remained as it were in 2016 after the face-saving press Statement from the government.”

The bridge at Umunya-Nteje Onitsha roads.

Meanwhile, the SBM Intelligence, a geopolitical and socio-economic research firm, has released a new report outlining the worst roads in Nigeria.

According to the report, the poor state of road transportation in Nigeria has led to the loss of billions of naira in economic value as well as thousands of avoidable deaths from accidents including on the Onitsha roads.

Roads listed are as follows:

  • Kabba-Kafanchan
  • Benin bypass
  • Mokwa-Jebba
  • Lokoja-Ajaokuta
  • Aba-Obigbo
  • Onitsha-Enugu
  • Idoma-Benue highway

The research document stated that despite the fact that billions of naira are budgeted yearly at all levels of governments for the building of new roads and maintenance of existing ones, Nigeria continues to grapple with the need for more, and better roads.”

Surveys gathered from interview commercial drivers across the east shows that Nigerian roads have gotten worse and it’s frustrating when the government is inactive and stagnant over basic social amenities.

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