Actor, Jackie Chan Confirms ‘Rush Hour 4’ Is On The Way

During a recent appearance on The Cruz Show,  Chan confirmed the movie will happen “next year,” after it took seven years of script revisals. “Yesterday, we just agreed,” he added.

The martial artist went on to mention that it’s “not about the money,” but about the time. “We’re all like old men,” he joked. The first Rush Hour was filmed nearly twenty years ago and fans have long awaited news on a fourth film.

“For the last seven years, we’ve been turn[ing] down, turn[ing] down the script,” he explains. “But yesterday, we agreed.”

Production is set to begin in 2018, with Jackie saying the movie will probably be coming “next year.”

As of now, the only thing standing in the way is Chris Tucker. He apparently hasn’t agreed to do it.

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