6 Ways People Unknowingly Attract Burglars

Keeping your home safe is a tricky endeavor. Help up your home security game by patching these fifteen security flaws, and declare checkmate on petty thieves. Your lifestyle determines your safety to an extent, and losing your properties to hoodlums can be economically devastating as most properties stolen are often pricey.

Ways People Unknowingly Attract Burglars

1. Dark Homes

Mysteries lies behind every dark corner and many crimes are usually committed in the dark. A well-illuminated house or neighbour discourages burglars or thieves; installing bright lights is the first step to boosting security around your home.

While some people try to economize on electricity to reduce expenses, you should keep in mind that burglars depend on darkness to hide their criminal acts. Install bright motion-detector lights around your home’s perimeter – balcony and porch, to dissuade them from approaching your home.

It is important to safely dispose of boxes for expensive products by cutting them to piece and tossing them in the trash can. Restrain the urge to display that box of new 80-inch flat screen television you purchased; don’t leave it in front, or leaving other valuables in plain view.

3. Keeping Burglar Tools

Don’t invite burglary by providing aids to breaking into your house, according to security advisers. Leaving items like ladders, step stools, even lawn furniture outside the home or in an unlocked shed can be a big temptation for thieves.

4. Over Exposure on Social Media

Some people just love drawing too much attention to themselves but end up jeopardizing their safety. They share travel updates on social media; Facebook, Instagram etc.

Experts advise you keep your property safe by telling only trusted friends about your movements and refrain from sharing photos until after you’ve returned home.

5. Neglect

Home security experts explain that a poorly maintained house can be a target for thieves. Allowing grasses to grow high or get dry, living the entire premises untidy and dirty is a sign of neglect and can invite unwanted burglars (even animals can be burglars).

6. Absents of Home Security

Not many people can afford a home security system, but experts believe you can deter many burglars by making them think your property is protected. Placing small security signs in your yard or sticking a security decal on a window will discourage many intruders. Similarly, homeowners can install fake security cameras, burglar alarm, distress alarm or even a “beware of dog” sign will deter robbers from entering your home.

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