5 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing

There are a few possible answers to this frequently asked question. Most of us crave for healthy, thick, and long hair, and it is quite depressing when our hair stops growing. Unless your hair is damaged due to health issues or any chemical reactions, it should continue to grow. Our hair grows a minimum of half an inch per month. If it seems to grow at a lesser rate, do not worry.

5 reasons why your hair might have stopped growing and some tips to help you out.


There are several poor hair care habits that can lead to breakage of the hair such as excessive heat and styling, over manipulation from styling, chemical hair colour and bleaching. So this practices can add a lot of stress to the hair making it not to grow.


Aside from the fact that excessive blow drying can cause hair to damage, using poor hair tools such as smaller toothed combs, the wrong type of brushes and even fractured bobby pins and hair combs can lead to hair breakage. You can invest in Denman brush for detangling and styling or seamless comb.


Lack of moisture on hair can result to dry brittle hair and then breakage if neglected. Now its possible for your natural hair to break off just quickly as it grows, appearing as if your hair is no longer growing, so its important to keep your hair moisturized.


Kinky, curly hair has the ability to shrink up to 70% of its length, making it easy for you to assume that your hair isn’t growing or retaining length and it will look your hair has never fall pass your shoulders. Now the only way to see the length is by stretching your hair.


Several damaged hair, split ends and heat damage are the types of damage that can’t be reversed, no matter the products you use that claims to repair damaged hair. So the only way to remove the damaged hair is to adopt a healthier natural hair care habit by trimming the split ends.

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