11 Things All Girls Do After A Fight With Bae

There is nothing worse than a girl who feels like she is right after a fight with her bae.

Actually, whether she is right or wrong, she tells herself that you don’t even deserve her and her friends reinforce the same thing to her. So there you are wondering what just happened while on the other hand, she is about to give you a taste of her sour medicine. There are many things that girls do after a fight with bae but these things are natural to all of them.

1. Cry if it’s really bad because we just don’t know what to do.

2. Then we start feeling all fierce and you wonder who is this person?

3. We must update a “I am a strong woman” post on social media.

4. Or on the other hand block him from everything apart from IG because he needs to see you moving on.

5. Post a really hot photo of herself so you remember that she is worth your apology.

6. Talk to her friends about you and how you are usually such a pig.

7. She will delete a few photos of you on social media.

8. Flirts with other guys because there are other fish in the sea.

9. Try talking to her ex because he is a good distraction.

10. Then you start missing your actual bae and all power is lost.

11. You get drunk and start drunk dialing telling him you miss him.

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