#ThisIsWhyWeProtest: 50 Reasons Why Nigerians Won’t Stop Amplifying the #EndSARS Movement

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Since the commencement of the #EndSARS movement, social media has made it easier for people to share their stories, express support and build strength in numbers. It’s allowing everyone raise awareness on the violent killings and extortion by SARS and some members of the Nigerian police.

Unfortunately, the protest is getting invaded by hoodlums whose intention are not in line with the original aim. There have been reports of vandalism, prison break, theft, injuries, deaths, and so many heartbreaking stories, either from sponsored thugs or rogue protesters. This has made peaceful protests in some states descend into chaos.

Despite all the distractions, Nigerians aren’t giving up in the fight. They are staying put, using their voices through social media and fighting against the many injustices in the country.

Here’s why these Nigerians aren’t giving up:


in case you're getting tired of this #EndSARS movement. Remember these
1. People have died for this Cause.
2. All we have been doing was just Bluffing.
3. The World is watching .
4. The government feel vulnerable for the first time in years.
5. You may be next.
Don't give up!!

— Ayo😉 (@AyotheJohn) October 19, 2020


Medical Doctors and Lecturers go on strike yearly but Nigerian politicians never go on strike because they enjoy endless benefits. Turning point. Here we are. #EndSARS #ENDBADGOVERNANCE

— Dr. Dípò Awójídé (@OgbeniDipo) October 19, 2020


I’ve got 2 young daughters. I’ve been planning, leading or joining protests since 2010. I’m protesting in 2020, so my girls won’t have to protest in 2030 or at least, in 2060. I don’t know about others but that’s my “why”. I wholly/fully support #SARSMUSTEND #EndPoliceBrutality

— K.O. | 🇳🇬 (@KolaOyeneyin) October 12, 2020


Quote this tweet with why you are still protesting #EndSARS and calling for Police reforms.

I'm still protesting because Ojahb was brutalised & framed for murder he didn't commit. It took Femi Gbajabiamila to free him for what he didn't do. The system failed him.

— Elon Mosque (@That_IjebuBadoo) October 18, 2020


They celebrate the killing of humans like it's Christmas goats they are slaughtering, they extort money from so many innocent people…I met so many innocent people like me in the cell…I don't know how to start my story… #EndSarsNow

— Chocolat (@joelmaiwada) October 10, 2020


This is so sad 💔💔💔💔💔

This is the reason why I'm protesting.
Why I want my voice to be heard, for Chijioke to get justice. 😭😭😭#EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria https://t.co/IRNz9jMOnp

— Ms. Kimberly Wealth (@OjeiKim) October 17, 2020


My God!, I'm so sorry this happened to you 😭😭. So sorry #EndSARS this is the very reason we are protesting!

— Ugonma the Entitled Nigerian Woman. (@lohrita) October 16, 2020


I'm not a criminal, I want to be able to walk free in my city without being harrassed or robbed by supposedly security men. That's why I'm protesting, for me, for my friends, for strangers, my brothers for my unborn kids.
We must make sure that #SARSMUSTEND

— made of black (@Oppybaba2) October 12, 2020


This is the time of the night when we do the usual roll call.
Unfortunately, we lost Anthony Onome Unuode today.

He was stabbed by thugs at #EndSARS  protest in Abuja yesterday and died this morning please remember his name!

May his soul Rest In Peace#ENDSARS

— Olúwatósìn Olaseinde (@tosinolaseinde) October 18, 2020


Why nobody trusts the govt?
Just imagine this.

Online protesters, you see why you must never be tired? Here is one reason. They just want to lie, lie and lie some more. #EndSARS pic.twitter.com/O1EWbLXNId

— #OurFavEndSARSDoc 🩺🇳🇬🇬🇧 (@DrOlufunmilayo) October 19, 2020


I’m protesting because they pushed a young man out of their moving vehicle and into the way of a car that crushed him #EndSARS https://t.co/aaWbARuyPW

— EndSARS (@n_debbie_n) October 18, 2020


These happenings in #Edoprotest is the more reason this Protest will not end!!
We are fighting this war till we win!
This government thinks we are a joke!#EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

— Blessing Omoniyi (@BlessingOmoniy4) October 19, 2020


God bless you dear. More songs coming soon. I don’t want to be harassed on my way to the studio. That’s why I’m protesting. ❤️❤️ https://t.co/yiw0SFJx3I

— Kunle Kenny #SARSMUSTEND (@kunle_kenny) October 13, 2020


That’s why I’m protesting. My families and friends. I don’t even want to leave

— St Abdul✝️ (@YourFavsUncle) October 12, 2020


When I was younger my mom used to tell me, "Don't talk when you're not asked to but when in danger shout till you're heard"
That's why I'm protesting. Yes I'm in danger. My life is in danger. Sadly it's endangered by people that are supposed to protect me. #EndSARS

— #ENDSARS A_Baby_Girl (@dunni_black) October 18, 2020


#Thiswhyweprotest https://t.co/PacEN8EzSc

— ThisIsWhyWeProtest (@AwodiranKehinde) October 18, 2020


#thiswhyweprotest #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA https://t.co/lCJVC4dXdg

— Sinmi (@Sinmiaraoye) October 16, 2020


#ThisWhyWeProtest 👇🏾#EndSARS#EndSWAT#EndSARSBrutality#EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria https://t.co/emvc1q3vws

— Florence Ozor (@FlorenceOzor) October 15, 2020


We will not relent in demanding justice and accountability!#EndSARS #EndSWAT #sorosoke247 #ThisIsWhyWeProtest #5for5 pic.twitter.com/NmW8JXOvsT

— #SARSMUSTEND (@PrePreAdekola) October 19, 2020


I protest because I’m sick and tired of Nigeria being called the “Giant of Africa” but we don’t live up to that title.. this #EndSARS is just a starting point… NIGERIA MUST BE GREAT! Enough is Enough! #ThisIsWhyWeProtest https://t.co/po6fu5aZ9d

— Miss Banjoko ♛ (@Msomayeli) October 19, 2020


when i remember Bubu laughing when we called on him to save lives #ThisIsWhyWeProtest #ENDSARS https://t.co/HyUtLVDuq9

— flo milli's nose stud (@amarachhiii) October 19, 2020


#Thisiswhyweprotest #EndSARS https://t.co/rRqJIUgOc3

— Nukubi🧚🏾‍♀️ (@Junnyibk) October 19, 2020


For everyone who is lost a loved one to those sworn to protect.
For all the time we have felt powerless.
For the generation yet unborn.#ThisIsWhyWeProtest

— IG (@_Igbelema) October 19, 2020



For my brothers.
For my husband.

For every time I remind him to remain calm when we approach police check point.

For everytime I pray while police are questioning him.

For every lives lost.

For the terrible stories on candlelight night. 😭#EndSARS

— Ifeoluwa Okesola (@OkesolaIfeoluwa) October 19, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest https://t.co/5u85oa7U81

— Adesewa (@Adesewa_MNGA) October 19, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest #endpolicybrutality #proudlynigerianyouth https://t.co/GSTSqm7110

— P Lion (@wale_adesanya) October 19, 2020


Sexual Harassment

By the Nigerian police. #ThisIsWhyWeProtest #EndSARS https://t.co/0JL7gHtmUg

— feministcoalition (@feminist_co) October 18, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest #EndSARS https://t.co/CIIV2friQT

— 3to30fitness (@Rexie_A) October 18, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest https://t.co/vgdOk0ezJj

— Bash Aleee (@Bash_Aleee) October 18, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest https://t.co/cvrWYVlJud

— Bash Aleee (@Bash_Aleee) October 18, 2020


#Thisiswhyweprotest #WeMove https://t.co/dTpzJgonV0

— ThisIsWhyWeProtest (@AwodiranKehinde) October 18, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest https://t.co/mD8R2IGrWe

— Bash Aleee (@Bash_Aleee) October 18, 2020


#Thisiswhyweprotest https://t.co/4Sh20E7wDN

— ThisIsWhyWeProtest (@AwodiranKehinde) October 18, 2020


#Thisiswhyweprotest #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria https://t.co/tkWTnpm2IK

— Obinna #EndSarsNow ✊🏾 (@obainoh10) October 18, 2020


#Thisiswhyweprotest #RECONSTRUCTNIGERIA pic.twitter.com/D6hJImUSYq

— #EndSars (@jaiyeandrews) October 18, 2020


#Thisiswhyweprotest https://t.co/f3etP1KbqX

— ThisIsWhyWeProtest (@AwodiranKehinde) October 18, 2020


#ThisIsWhyWeProtest Never forget them. #EndSARS pic.twitter.com/CEzdSeskXz

— Deji Faremi #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND (@deejayfaremi) October 17, 2020


Cool! Now make the process of voting and voter registration seamless and easy for the citizens. Announce the date voter registration begins. #EndSARS #EndSWATNow #Thisiswhyweprotest https://t.co/0tF6xTM0wv

— Tiramisu (@otiramisuo) October 15, 2020


Remember Minister of Aviation used over N196 million to design a logo for an airline that never saw the light of day.

Remember that NASS budget(469 people) is N200 billion while Health & Education budget combined for over 200 million people is N80 billion.#ThisIsWhyWeProtest

— #EndSARS (@ebukanworah) October 17, 2020


This is the tweet!! #EndSARSBrutality #Thisiswhyweprotest #SARSMUSTENDNOW https://t.co/nhWy7IFo5l

— chi.dimma ze Rwandan (@the_brand_girl) October 15, 2020


Please remember #Thisiswhyweprotest

These people can’t keep playing God with our lives.#EndSARS https://t.co/mzMchc4Si0

— kohbee says wtf is SWAT (@kohbeetheart) October 15, 2020


It is not a coincidence that thugs showed up at all these protests today. It is not a coincidence

#Thisiswhyweprotest #EndSWAT

— FK. (@fkabudu) October 15, 2020


The same reason why police do all sorts and get away with it. The people who should bring them to justice are just as corrupt as they are, and they use these people to achieve their goals. But our leaders want us to take them seriously. #ThisIsWhyWeProtest #EndSARS https://t.co/3JBEc30QgH

— Deji Faremi #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND (@deejayfaremi) October 17, 2020


These were real people with families,plans,dreams and ambitions.

Empty rooms and bed spaces and pain with memories no form of justice is all their family and loved ones have left with them. 💔💔 #Thisiswhyweprotest #EndSARS

— AKWA UGO (@Brownsugarsteph) October 16, 2020


This demon isn't going to be casted out anytime soon. #EndSARS #EndSWATNow #ThisIsWhyWeProtest

— Ejike A.E. (@Ejikeetolue) October 15, 2020


So apparently sars men now operate in the night. Entering houses and kidnapping people. #EndSARS #EndSWAT #Thisiswhyweprotest

— Emmanuel Jnr (@Nuel_simeon) October 16, 2020


No resignations, no dismissals, no prosecution, no compensation for vicitms, more deaths of unarmed protesters, no reform of police. Nothing yet. #ThisIsWhyWeProtest.

We protest because there's no justice, because we are not safe, because no one really cares.ĺ #EndSARS

— Deji Faremi #EndSARS #SARSMUSTEND (@deejayfaremi) October 17, 2020


Rest In Peace soldiers! May your fall never be in vain! 🕊🕯#ThisIsWhyWeProtest #TheFightContinues #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSWAT #EndSARS

— Compos Mentis (@adaddon1) October 17, 2020


Damn this hurts my soul, get well brother. @PoliceNG and you lot knew the world was watching, we can only imagine the atrocities you’ve committed when no one was watching #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #Thisiswhyweprotest #EndSWAT #NigeriaMustWorkInOurLifetime https://t.co/aiBRQtjeWS

— Toye (@toyeogk) October 15, 2020


Imagine the amount of trauma she went through. #Thisiswhyweprotest #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA #EndCorruptionInNigeria #RosaryWalk #NASSPayCutNow https://t.co/aVqtTSla27

— Joy Akumabor (@NwaIgudia) October 16, 2020

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